Morocco lies just under nine miles from Spain across the Strait of Gibraltar. The only place where the Mediterranean Sea mixes with the Atlantic Ocean.

Morocco is a country filled with natural beauty, tradition, fascinating culture and exceptional historical places to explore. The landscape is astounding and varies from the Sahara desert, mountain ranges and seaside towns.

The first thought that comes to mind when thinking about Morocco, is that this is a country living in an age long forgotten, with absolutely no freedom, or rights to women. Sadly, being a majority of Islam means females have virtually no rights. If you can get past this prejudice, there is a country and culture filled with history, inspiration and contrasts waiting to be discovered. Consider Morocco Holidays.

Currency: Moroccan dirham

Average Flying Time: 3 hours 40 minutes

Time zone: GMT +1

Spoken Language(s): Arabic, Tamazight

Top Five Attractions

Marrakesh Medina
Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca
Oudaias Kasbah, Rabat
Fes el Bali

Visa (UK Passport Holders):

British citizens must have a passport that is valid for the period of intended stay in Morocco. A visa is not required for stays of up to 90 days for holders of British passports endorsed British Citizen, British National (Overseas), or British Subject (containing a Certificate of Entitlement to the Right of Abode issued by the United Kingdom).

Cultural Tours

, 6 Days - 5 Nights
Marrakesh and The Atlas Mountains A visit to Morocco is like taking a journey back in time–it’s everything you imagine it to be and so...