Once deemed the “Most Dangerous City in the World,” Medellín has certainly come a long way.

Today it has established itself as a premiere South American destination for travelers, where foreigners come to retire and make the city their home.

Medellín is Colombia’s second largest, and its most progressive, city—the clean architectural contours and stone facades of newly erected buildings such as the EPM Library an emblem of its glorious reemergence, made possible by a commendable effort to transform the city that saw the launch of several successful projects.

Considering most of the nation’s beauty queens and fashion models hail from here, Medellín’s claim to be “one of the most beautiful cities in South America” is far from phony.

City of the Eternal Spring

Located in the Aburrá Valley, nestled in the central Andes Mountains, Medellín boasts a scenic natural appeal: a palette of mountainous highland tropics accentuated by lush vegetation, native fruit trees, and an amazing array of flowers. Its close proximity to the Equator grants it constant spring-like temperatures year-round—which has earned it the title “City of the Eternal Spring.”

The perpetually pleasant weather enables all who visit to enjoy the many parks and plazas throughout the city as well as the gardens and flowers (especially the large variety of orchids) the city is so famous for.

Enjoy the juice vendors and traditional Colombian music of local street performers in Parque Berrio. Having found inspiration in the castles of France’s Loire Valley, El Castillo Museo is sure to charm. Walk the interior of this marvelous design and the grounds of its equally delightful gardens. And be sure to stop by Parque Arvi—one of the region’s largest nature reserves.

For a vibrant display of culture, there is the city’s crowning event: Feria de las Flores, a 10-day spectacle sure to impress, from dog shows to beauty contests. The Flowers Festival is a celebration of many things: Virgin Mary Day, the end of slavery, and the brilliant diversity of flowers grown right here in Medellín.

At the festival’s end, these flowers are proudly borne throughout the town—truly a reflection of Medellín’s heritage and people, who are equally as colorful and proud to call this shining city their home.


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