Colombia Luxury Travel and Tours

Discover a land full of deep history, thrilling romance, and cultural traditions.

Luxury Inspire Me Travel can help in your search for adventure by handcrafting Colombia luxury travel and tours that will delight and inspire you in ways you cannot yet imagine.

Colombia Luxury Travel Bogota

Experience the true colors of South America with welcoming people; vibrant and festive cities filled with bold traditional culture, romance, and history; and picturesque coffee plantations producing world-class coffee—and all this surrounded by lush Andean countryside.

Explore everything this amazing country offers. With our tour packages, we can craft the perfect trip to Columbia for you.

Colombia Luxury Travel and Tours

Places to see in Colombia

If you are the type of traveler who seeks adventure and excitement, then Colombia is the place for you. Perhaps you dream of climbing the Central Andes mountain range to enjoy a festival at a World Heritage Site. Or maybe you long for peaceful days at the beach, drinking local coffee under mangrove trees. Either way, with the help of Luxury Inspire Me Tavel, your vacation in Colombia, South America, will perfectly suit your tastes.

Colombia Luxury Travel Bogota


Heart of Colombia

At the heart of Colombia, Bogotá has it all. Urban explorers can enjoy life in the Zona Rosa district, which is bursting with local bars, colorful markets, and beautiful architecture.

And for those who enjoy history, La Candelaria welcomes you with open arms into her centuries-old mansions, churches, and convents styled in classical colonial architecture.

Colombia Luxury Travel Medellin


Valley of the Central Andean Highlands

In addition, deep in the blooming valley of the Central Andean highlands, Medellín waits for you. Its status as the cultural capital of Colombia is solidified by its beautiful architecture, eternal spring climate, and famous flower festival, which runs for ten days straight during the first two weeks of August.

Colombia Luxury Travel Cartagena


Romantic treasures of Colombia

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Cartagena is possibly one of the most romantic treasures of Colombia.

In fact, you can enjoy narrow streets by foot or horse-drawn carriage as you travel through this city veiled in colonial walls, canyons, fortresses, and timeless history.

Colombia Luxury Travel Rosario Islands


Toes into the Caribbean

White sands, glass-like waters, fruitful mangroves, and daydreamy landscapes—what more could anyone ask for?

How about some locally fished lobster and shellfish served up by locals as they welcome you into their homes? If you’re looking for some rest and relaxation while you dip your toes into the Caribbean, then the Rosario Islands are where you need to be.

Places to visit in Colombia

Luxury Inspire Me Travel will help you tour Colombia by creating a travel package that perfectly fits you and your needs. We’ve compiled a list of the most popular places to visit, and you can read more about many of them below!

No matter where you choose to travel in Colombia, the culture you find will always be as rich and vibrant as the dark coffee that fills the veins of this breathtaking country

Sample Itineraries for Colombia