Things to do in Costa Rica

Things to do in Costa Rica

Embrace the Pura Vida lifestyle in Costa Rica, where you’ll find adventure for all ages. Try zip-lining over rainforests or rafting down the Pacuare River.

Or perhaps you’d rather relax in natural hot springs. Don’t forget to explore the unspoiled beaches of Manuel Antonio and go whale watching in the South Pacific.

Whether you’re traveling to Costa Rica for its gorgeous beaches or for its unparalleled biodiversity. The list of unique things to do in Costa Rica is almost endless.

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Things to do in Costa Rica

Things to do in Costa Rica

The Most Scenic River

Pacuare River

The Pacuare River is one of the most scenic rivers in the world.

On your trip down this gorgeous waterway, you can explore natural pools, rushing rapids, and ancient rainforests. While you’re there, enjoy activities like zip-lining, white-water rafting, and rappelling.

The legendary Poás Volcano rises for an astonishing 8,858 feet. Towering over the surrounding nature preserve.

Hike around this natural wonder to Laguna Caliente. This 984-foot crater holds the title for the most acidic lake on earth.

Things to do in Costa Rica

Heart Of The Country

San José and the Central Valley

Located in the heart of the country. San José and Central Valley house almost 70 percent of Costa Rica’s population. Thus, this destination is a mecca for cultural immersion. In El Centro, you will find endless shops, fascinating museums, and beautiful historical architecture.

Things to do in Costa Rica

Remote And Unspoiled

South Pacific

If the bustle of the big city wears you down. The South Pacific is one of the most remote and unspoiled regions in the country. Here, thrill seekers will find opportunities for waterfall rappelling and white-water rafting. Kids coming along? Families can enjoy horseback riding, zip-lining, and snorkeling.

Things to do in Costa Rica

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