Luxury Weddings Abroad

Luxury Weddings Abroad, dream weddings and honeymoons deserve a dream location. Where better to hold your ceremony than in a breath-taking place abroad.

At Luxury Inspire Me Travel we will take care of your wedding and honeymoon’s every detail, leaving you free to concentrate on enjoying your special moments. We can offer the complete bespoke wedding package.

Planning Luxury Weddings Aboard

Planning: Plan ahead, let your guests know your wedding date and where the ceremony will be. We will tailor-make all the perfect arrangements, offer all the required expertise and will source the best deal suitable for you and your wedding guests.

Laws: Countries have different legal procedures for marriage to the UK.
Some countries will require you to be resident for a certain period of time prior to your wedding. Make sure your ceremony is legally binding or if you’ll need to get married in the UK before or after a blessing abroad.

Travel insurance: Even if your wedding is a minor affair, your wedding will probably be a significant expense. As well as travel insurance, we recommend wedding insurance in case any details of your ceremony are impacted by events out of your control. Organising a wedding abroad through an ABTA Member also means you have additional peace of mind.

Destinations For Getting Married Abroad

Destinations For Getting Married Abroad

Popular destinations, include Mexico, the Caribbean, Hawaii, South Pacific, Italy and Greece. Ireland, with its historic castles make for an excellent backdrop for a ceremony.

Some resorts such a Sandals offer free wedding packages. They are perfect if you have a simple ceremony in mind.