Luxury Travel to Uruguay

Discover the best places to see, visit, and explore in Uruguay.

With its sandy beaches, mild climate, and impressive cityscapes, Uruguay is a favorite destination for South Americans and overseas visitors alike. Your Luxury Travel to Uruguay adventure begins with Luxury Inspire Me Travel, which can handcraft your exploration of this South American gem into a unique, private, and totally custom adventure. Whether you’re looking to enjoy luxury travel Uruguay-style, a family-friendly vacation, or an exotic immersion in local customs and culture, Alluring Americas can create a one-of-a-kind experience.

Luxury Travel to Uruguay Montevideo

Lose yourself in the serenity of the romantic streets of Colonia lined with flowered windowsills. Immerse yourself in Montevideo’s culture of museums and lively street markets. Or get away to the white sandy beaches of boho-chic José Ignacio in South America’s second-smallest country.

Luxury Travel to Uruguay

Places to see in Uruguay

Nestled between Argentina and Brazil, Uruguay is sometimes overlooked in favor of its larger neighbors.

But it would be a mistake to miss this beautiful and diverse country, which offers sandy beaches, quaint country respites, and rich history.

Luxury Travel to Uruguay Montevideo


The nation’s capital

You’ll likely start your Uruguay adventure in Montevideo, the nation’s capital. Sitting on the north shore of the Rio de la Plata, Montevideo offers both a storied history and modern city amenities. Moreover, Ciudad Vieja (Old City) is the city’s oldest neighborhood. You can soak in the history by catching a glimpse of the Ciudadela Gateway, a small remaining section of the wall that once surrounded the entire city.

Charming churches, museums, and theaters line the picturesque pedestrian paths. At night, the many area nightclubs heat up, combining traditional regional music and contemporary beats that pulse through the city.

Luxury Travel to Uruguay Punta-del-Este


Destination for celebrities and jet-setters

If you’re looking for luxury, Punta del Este is a must. Two hours east of Montevideo, one of the most famous Uruguay beach towns boasts yacht clubs, high-rises, and upscale shopping and dining, giving it a storied reputation as a destination for celebrities and jet-setters. Sometimes referred to as the “San Tropez of South America,” Punta del Este is the place to see and be seen.

Luxury Travel to Uruguay José-Ignacio


Quiet, cultural, and historical

On the other hand, you can venture a little farther east of Punta del Este to reach José Ignacio. In contrast to its luxury neighbor to the west, José Ignacio has a quieter, more boho-chic vibe. But quiet doesn’t mean boring—the town has a variety of shops and restaurants, as well as cultural and historical experiences you can enjoy at a more leisurely pace.

Luxury Travel to Uruguay Colonia-and-Carmelo


Colorful buildings and postcolonial architecture on quaint streets

As Uruguay’s second-oldest city and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Colonia del Sacramento is a classic black-and-white movie come to colorful life.

Window boxes full of fresh flowers adorn quaint streets, and colorful buildings in cheery, bright hues beckon visitors to wander and get lost in the sights. The city’s Portuguese, Spanish, and postcolonial architecture are on display in the Barrio Histórico, the city center.

Or you can step back in time with a visit to Carmelo. This quiet riverside town lined with cobblestone streets and charming old houses is home to yachting and fishing centers. In fact, many visitors dock their boats here during the summer months.

Luxury Travel to Uruguay

Places to visit in Uruguay

Though Uruguay is sometimes overshadowed by its larger neighbors, don’t let its smaller size fool you—it’s packed with places to see. Here’s just a small sample of picturesque places to visit in this South American jewel.

Luxury Travel to Uruguay José-Ignacio
  • Punta del Este
  • Montevideo
  • José Ignacio
  • Colonia and Carmelo