Galápagos Islands

A trip to the Galápagos Islands offers a unique and intimate encounter with nature. Best explored by a private charter or expeditionary Galápagos cruise.

Galapagos Islands 2

The volcanic peaks that make up the islands formed ten million years ago. The islands host a variety of prehistoric rarities that have altered the direction of science. O ff the Pacific coast of Ecuador. The archipelago’s 13 major islands, six minor islands, and several rocks and islets contain the greatest number of endemic species in the world.

Usually only found in one location. The archipelago is home to an astounding diversity of plants and animals. Unaffected by the outside world, they exhibit a special lack of apprehension towards human audiences and are happy to have visitors in their natural habitat.

The only bird of its kind that has lost the ability to fly is a cormorant. jovial sea lions, the northernmost penguin in the world. There are many giant tortoises that gave the islands their names, as well as the last remaining marine lizards on Earth.

Many of these animals have evolved from their relatives on the continent to become new species. Also, the landscape is remarkably varied. From marble, white sand, and lava tunnels to jagged mountain peaks and vivid oceanic environments. In fact, it was this very “living laboratory” that gave English naturalist Charles Darwin the inspiration for his revolutionary theories. He would explain his idea of evolution as outlined in The Origin of Species after a five-week visit in 1835.

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The Galápagos Islands

A Galápagos Islands Holiday is an unparalleled and personal experience with the natural world. Best uncovered by an expeditionary Galápagos cruise or private charter.

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