The home of reggae music is the fourth largest island of the Greater Antilles whose unique identity is only just emerging after gaining its independence from Britain in 1962. It was originally inhabited by the Arawak Indians who had christened it Xyamaca before Christopher Columbus came across it towards the end of the 15th century. It is a land of immense natural beauty boasting stunning beaches and a wealth of flora and fauna that is the envy of many. Consider Jamaica holidays for an unforgettable time of your life.

Small wonder it has provided the picturesque backdrop for a number of novels and Hollywood productions, including the popular James Bond series. The island is also the perfect setting for a number of outdoor activities and the production of some of the tastiest rum in the world. The open, friendly nature of the Jamaican people is legendary.

Currency: Jamaican dollar

Average Flying Time: 10 hours

Time zone: GMT – 5

Spoken Language(s): English and Patwa

Top Five Attractions

Negril Beach & the Negril Cliffs
Rafting the Martha Brae River
Dunn’s River Falls
Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park
Blue Hole, Ocho Rios

Visa (UK Passport Holders):

You will need a passport of at least six months validity. British passport holders do not currently require a visa to enter Jamaica, although requirements are subject to change and we recommend you check with the relevant embassy for up to date information.

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