This island forms part of the Dutch Antilles (Aruba citizens hold Dutch passports) and is part of the ABC islands of the Lesser Antilles together with Bonaire and Curacao. Perhaps because of its size (only 30km long), Aruba boasts no administrative divisions. Its combination of jagged coastline and sandy beaches bordered by azure waters make it postcard-pretty. Consider Aruba holidays for an amazing holiday.

Aruba, together with its magnificent sunny weather (the temperature remains at a pleasant 27°C throughout the year) make it a veritable paradise for sun worshippers as well. And visitors should have no worries about rain as the area is arid and rarely experiences rainfall. Evidence of this is the vegetation which mostly consists of cacti.

Currency: Aruban florin

Average Flying Time: 9 hours

Time zone: GMT – 4

Spoken Language(s): Dutch, Papiamento

Top Five Attractions

Arikok National Park
Eagle Beach
Baby Beach, a sheltered lagoon
California Lighthouse
Natural Bridge Aruba

Luxury Hotel

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