Costa Rica Luxury Tours and Travel

On Costa Rica Luxury Tours, immerse yourself in the vibrant Costa Rican culture. Explore hundreds of beautiful beaches, pristine rainforests, and imposing volcanos.

Costa Rica Luxury Tours and Travel

Learn about the 2,500 unique plant species in Costa Rica’s most popular national parks and nature preserves. Luxury Inspire Me Travel’s Costa Rica luxury tours and travel packages are perfect for families or couples, anglers or naturalists, explorers or sun worshippers.

Costa Rica Luxury Tours and Travel

Places to see in Costa Rica

So what are the best things to do in Costa Rica? We carefully create an itinerary just for you. We specialise in getting you off the beaten path for the adventure of a lifetime.

Costa Rica Luxury Tours and Travel


Northwestern Costa Rica

In northwestern Costa Rica, Arenal is home to Central America’s most active volcano. Spend the afternoon touring the Arenal Volcano National Park, which features active lava flows and thousands of acres of rich, tropical plants and diverse species of frogs, monkeys, and birds.

The extensive network of raised walkways provides a bird’s-eye view of the beautiful park and scenic lagoon. If you make the nearby town of La Fortuna your base of operations, the entire family can go surfing in the Arenal Lake. Or you can venture farther afield and go horseback riding, white-water rafting, canyoning, or hiking through the rainforest. These are just a few of the many things to do in Costa Rica with kids.

Costa Rica Luxury Tours and Travel

Bajos del Toro Cloud Forest

The Central Valley

Bajos del Toro Cloud Forest is located in the Central Valley, only about ninety minutes from San José. This nature preserve supports a stunningly biodiverse population of plants and animals, and it provides visitors with many opportunities for adventure and exploration. Bird lovers will be especially transfixed.

Take advantage of the picturesque landscapes as you explore the waterfalls, mountain streams, grasslands, forests, and pools.

Costa Rica Luxury Tours and Travel

Heart of Costa Rica

Central Pacific

Costa Rica’s Central Pacific is perhaps the heart of Costa Rica’s tourist industry, featuring hundreds of animal and plant species exclusive to the Central American rainforests. And the beauty of this region attracts visitors from all over the globe who want to immerse themselves in the native flora and fauna firsthand.

In addition, there are many quieter nooks to visit if you’re trying to get away from the crowds, making this the perfect destination if you are looking for romantic things to do in Costa Rica for couples. Experience the majesty of the scarlet macaw, go whale watching, or enjoy breathtaking beach sunsets over a picnic supper.

Costa Rica Luxury Tours and Travel


Traveller favorite

Guancaste is another traveller favorite, and its vibrant foliage makes it one of the best places to see in Costa Rica. Spend your day trekking through Parque Nacional Rincon de la Vieja and Santa Rosa National Park. Explore active volcanos, hot springs, and waterfalls, home to sloths, toucans, and crocodiles. In the evening, take in the vibrant nightlife of Brasilito with its bustling shops, festivals, and museums.

Places to Visit in Costa Rica

Whether you are traveling alone, with your significant other, or with the entire family, there are many fascinating places to visit in Costa Rica that will leave you with memories for a lifetime. Here are just a few of the highlights you’ll want to hit.