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Experience the adventure, wonder, and culture of Chile. On your journey to Chile with Chile Luxury Tours and Travel.

Chile Luxury Tours and Travel Easter Island

It’s time for a new kind of holiday. Chile has something for everyone: islands, volcanoes, glaciers, and beaches, as well as romantic getaways and family trips. Luxury Inspire Me Travel can arrange personalised Chile luxury tours and travel adventures. Let us assist you in planning a trip to Chile, and immerse yourself in Chile’s charming culture and inspiring natural landscapes by taking a trip with us.

Wedged between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean, Chile is a treasure trove of natural wonders ranging from the driest place on Earth to the third-largest ice field in the world to the intriguing archaeological gem of Easter Island, sitting 2,300 miles off the coast.


Places to see in Chile

Given the amazing places to see in Chile—its 2,700 mile coastline, desert north, icy south, and lush countryside—planning can be daunting. Here are just a few of the many places a Luxury Inspire Me Travel trip can take you.

Chile Luxury Tours and Travel Atacama Desert


The Extremes: Atacama Desert, Southern Patagonia, and Easter Island

If you’re looking for Chile adventure travel, you’ll find it in the Atacama Desert. Although it’s the driest place on earth, its oases are pleasant all year. From valleys to skies, it always delights. Far to the south, wild Patagonia awaits.

The Southern Patagonian Ice Field feeds many glaciers. And nearby, Torres del Paine’s granite spires tower imposingly. Easter Island is 2,300 miles off the coast, making it the world’s most isolated inhabited island. Also known as Rapa Nui, Easter Island is famous for its mysterious human-shaped monoliths known as moai.


The Capital City: Santiago

Santiago, the capital of Chile, is a cultural hub where old-world charm meets avant-garde excitement. It’s surrounded by world-class vineyards and diverse activities. About a ninety-minute drive from Santiago, the port city of Valparaíso overlooks the Pacific Ocean. A little north of Valparaíso is Viña del Mar, the “Garden City.”

Established in 1536, Valparaíso (a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2002) is one of the oldest ports in Chile.

Chile Luxury Tours and Travel Santiago


Places to visit in Chile

There is no shortage of places to visit in Chile—from the arid desert, over to Easter Island, and south to Patagonia. Luckily, Luxury Inspire Me Travel knows how to get you where you want to be. Here’s our list of must-see places.

Chile Luxury Tours and Travel

Chile Luxury Tours and Travel